Kaizen Institute of Training Excellence (KITE) focuses on Training needs of Individuals and Corporate who either want to sharpen their skill sets or learn new ones. Also, there is a continuous need to refresh and re-introduce yourself on the existing job. Kaizen identifies the current needs of the industry and sets off to develop personnel and help them adapt to the situations and dealing with the ever changing market and complexities of Human interaction.

KITE has trained in sectors like Hospitals, Hospitality, Engineering, Education, Aviation, Tourism, Retail, Events, etc.

We offer customized solutions as well as we have pre-designed training packages that help improve the work environment and increase business prospects by keeping your team hydrated with motivation.

Our Training Packages drawn for working professionals in the field of Customer services, Sales and Marketing, Business communication, Customer Relationship Management, Grooming for office, Phone etiquettes, Communication skills, etc. are offered depending on the need and intensity, in combination.

The Training is categorized on Basic and Advanced Level. Basic level would include the understanding of the concept. Advance level will include the application related to work.

Ideally, a one day training here, will include topics in general and to certain intensity on selected topics of concern.