The Power of Choice

7 Ways to Master Your Reactions and Transform Your Life

“Making a choice and opting for the difficult route is not easy. But once the momentum is gathered, there is no looking back. Around us lies the large ocean of choices – rise or drown with each move as you make your CHOICE.” – Malti Lakhani

Launching E-Book on Amazon on May 23, 2023

The Power of Choice – 7 Ways to Master Your Reactions and Transform Your Life.

The book shares some techniques to take control of your life & harness the power of choice. It helps to discover powerful strategies which are essential to navigate through life’s challenges, overcome limitations, and create positive changes. With practice you will be able to enhance self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and conscious decision-making! It includes models, frameworks and steps to achieve them!

It covers the techniques to defeat self-limiting thoughts so that you are able make conscious efforts to fight them and move them away from your way to making a great choice … and much, MUCH More!

And the great news is, this amazing book will also show you how to live mindfully too!

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