Dirty Soles. Pure Souls.

Dirty Soles. Pure Souls.

The cycle of LIFE.

Her feet were dirty! Stark black and mud brown! They looked worn out. Not the kind of feet one would bow down to, for blessings!

Her life was worn out. Her struggles between trying to dream her own and support other’s dreams tore her every moment. This wasn’t visible to the blind eyes that thought she was obliged to do it. All that was visible to the naked eyes were her shabby feet.

Her children bore pink, soft and neat soles. They were served to the extent they didn’t have put their feet down much. They were her dream or did she live their dreams?! She’s been on her feet all life to give comfort to the feet around her.

Today, she’s got the cleanest sparkling feet! Feet that have been on the bed for more than 3 years! Stagnant! They aren’t worn or torn anymore! They look loved, shining pink and are being bowed upon again and again!

Her children’s feet are dirty now!