Dirty Soles. Pure Souls.

Dirty Soles. Pure Souls.

The cycle of LIFE.

Her feet were dirty! Stark black and mud brown! They looked worn out. Not the kind of feet one would bow down to, for blessings!

Her life was worn out. Her struggles between trying to dream her own and support other’s dreams tore her every moment. This wasn’t visible to the blind eyes that thought she was obliged to do it. All that was visible to the naked eyes were her shabby feet.

Her children bore pink, soft and neat soles. They were served to the extent they didn’t have put their feet down much. They were her dream or did she live their dreams?! She’s been on her feet all life to give comfort to the feet around her.

Today, she’s got the cleanest sparkling feet! Feet that have been on the bed for more than 3 years! Stagnant! They aren’t worn or torn anymore! They look loved, shining pink and are being bowed upon again and again!

Her children’s feet are dirty now!

The Best way to write a resume

Did you know there is a difference between Bio-data, Resume & Curriculum Vitae? Find out which one should you be generating.

Did you know it’s not necessary to have one standard resume? Rather a person ought to build different resumes for different profiles and organizations.

Did you know you could list your particular relevant skill sets in priority order as needed for making an impact on a job interview, and keep changing the skill ranks as needed in your resume?

Did you know your Resume could open or close the doors of opportunities for you?

In the same stride, did you know that your Resume (read as qualifications) is only a door bell to your career world! It only helps you knock the door when eligibility criteria fulfilled. The winning stroke is YOU AND YOUR INTERVIEW presentation that leads you to your dream job.

And hence, it is essential to pen down your profile wisely and logically! A quick unmissable tips to build over a great resume would be :

1) Create a conventional copy-paste resume format first – like you’ve copied the “objectives” section from online / friend’s resume once!

2) Now is the time to do an interior design on this format. Fix your photo somewhere best. A nice smile and a decent attire would do the wonders. No selfies please!

3) Check the order of Education and Work experience. Fill it well. Make it exciting with important milestones marked, if needed.

4) Remember to put up web links of your professional presence like LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.

5) Do add a video introduction / showcasing work, if chance permits.

6) Re-do the copy pasted objectives and align it with your with your dream objective and always check with current post of application. It becomes easier to recall when asked what are your career objectives.

7) Do not fill up hobbies with singing, dancing, travelling, cricket, reading, etc. Hobbies are passions that are explored in depth and lead to some good milestones. So be specific when you say Cricket. You surely don’t mean “gully cricket”! You meant your achievement at inter-school, district or state level. Same with singing – mention only if you’ve trained professionally; Travelling – covering specific regions at large like all the adventyure spots of India and Sri Lanka; Reading- works of specific authors or genres and not just books and magazines. Hope this gives you an idea of how commitment reflects through hobbies!

8) Don’t bring in heavy weight champion words. Use your own professional language which has to be grammatically correct because, eventually you are going to speak up and your Resume should not contradict you!

9) Give references for cross verification. Keep your references informed of the applications you’ve made so that it does not come as a surprise.

10) Let integrity, commitment, purity reflect from your resume before it does from you during the interview.

11) Take a print and see if you find the resume appealing and whether you like this candidate!

12) Put up the resume in a neat folder in orderly manner with certificates, testimonials, achievements, awards, and so on.

13) Reach the place of interview earlier (not more than 15 minutes early) to take a feel of the work culture in the organisation. Get your mobile on silent after reporting. No checking phone often, no expressive involvement in the ongoing internal activities around. No chatting with fellow interviewees. In short, “minding my own business” attitude is best worn at this moment.

14) Carry your resume with pride and handle it with care while handing it over to the interviewer. It reflects the importance of what you’ve earned in terms of professionalism.

15) Tell us something about yourself –  a definite question to come your way. Never spill the same thing that is written in the resume. Always speak up about yourself, your current work, your approach to work and life, etc so that the interviewer can connect better with you apart from what is in the resume. This is the point where you could either contradict or compliment your resume. Give summary of YOU as a person.

And now, the journey begins of them exploring you beyond your resume!

Go on people! Let your resume create the magic and lay a red carpet for you!